How To Make Money from a Website

(Note: if you don’t yet have a website, you can get some advice on how to set one up at our Make a Website/Blog article.)

Making a website it just half the work; you still need to monetize it so that you actually get something from it.

Ensure you promote your website as much as possible through social media and other means online. Generating visitors is priority #1 to begin making money. Visitors mean more people viewing your site, which means your monetization of said site will be more effective.

So, you’ve got a site and hopefully some visitors. Now, let’s set up some income streams!

Sponsored Content

This kind of advertising is for products and services that you believe in and want to personally sponsor. It should make sense for the content advertised to be on your particular website and should appear to almost be a part of the site itself. Whenever you sponsor content, you should inform your readers that it is in fact sponsored and that you are being compensated for your sponsorship.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can result in lots of revenue generated for your site, and in turn, you. Find companies to affiliate with and that you really believe in, and that your visitors will appreciate. This kind of marketing works by companies paying you for the amount of referrals that are directed to them from you.

Email Advertising

If you have a newsletter or emails that go out to your users, you can sell ad space on those emails. If you don’t yet have an email program set up but you have information or notifications that would be valuable or helpful to your readers, set one up and take advantage of this form of advertising.

Per-Click Ads

These ads generate revenue based on how many visitors click on the ads themselves.

Per-Mille Ads

These ads make you money based on how many visitors you have. They don’t require clicks, only for people to visit the page they are on. These can be a great way to ensure that ads make you a lot of money without placing any pressure on the advertiser’s actual ad.

Fixed Price Ads

Selling ad space for a fixed-price can be extremely attractive to smaller companies that only have a certain budget on how much can be spent on advertising.


Selling subscriptions to a premium service on your site can be very effective if you have high-quality content and a loyal fanbase or readership. Creating a paywall can make a lot of money when you’re selling something that has real value to your visitors.

Selling Your Site

Some websites sell for millions upon millions of dollars. If you don’t think you can properly manage your site’s future, or maybe just want to cash out, you may be able to find a solid offer for control and ownership of the site you’ve created. Just make sure you get a good deal, and that it’s really what you want.


Here are some great options for setting up advertising on your site:



Google AdSense



As you can see, there are a number of ways you can generate income from your website (mostly through ads). Web sites can be incredibly lucrative, especially if you can produce quality content for them that will attract loyal visitors and can create a brand.

Good luck!


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