How to Write an Ebook

Almost everybody can write, and while it’s a small portion of those people that can write well enough to be traditionally published, anybody who can write can write and sell an ebook, as evidenced by how many there are.

As long as you know something better than the average person and can write, you can produce an ebook that people might actually pay for. If you don’t know something better than the average person, then just get some reading done on a subject you’re interested in until you know more about it. Unless you plan to write fiction, in which case you won’t be needing to do too much research.

So, pick a topic to write about yet? Good, step one done. Step two, practice a bit of writing. It’s not too hard, keep a journal for a few days, write up a few sample chapters for your upcoming ebook, maybe even do some of that odd ‘fanfic’ stuff you occasionally stumble across online. Whatever it is, focus and hone your writing a little.

Next, write out a table of contents and an outline for your ebook, just so you have a vague sense of direction for your writing. Can’t just be fobbing off onto the paper randomly, can you? You need to have at least some semblance of structure for readers.

Finally, write the ebook. Take as much time as you need to make it a decent and hopefully informative/interesting read. Don’t worry, it’s just putting words on paper (or a screen, I suppose). Hit all the major points, keep it simple enough for your average reader, and cater the style to the audience that will be reading.

On to an integral part of the writing process: editing. Edit, edit, then edit a hell of a lot more. Polish your writing and make it as smooth, understandable, and enjoyable as possible. Editing is often hard work and it can feel tedious at times, but it’s totally worth it if you want to release a quality ebook. After you’ve combed over the writing and made some changes, maybe even get somebody else’s opinion on it?

Now you just need some cover art, maybe an author bio, and copyright info. The copyright part is WAYY easier than a lot of people think. I’ve had questions on who to contact about the process, but you don’t need to contact anyone. As soon as you write something in the US, you own the rights to it. You can add copyright info to your book if you’d like, it’s typically just a few words. A quick search online will send you plenty of examples.

Done, then. Ebook finished. Now you just need to publish it, market it, and profit!

Well, the profit part might take some work, especially with the ‘marketing’ part. We’ll have an article on how to publish and market your ebook up soon!


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